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Bishop Claude E. James Sr. founded

Faith Pentecostal Church - March, 1995


Bishop Claude E. James Sr. assumed the administrative duties of the church at the end of  The Church Music Workshop concert with “Rev. Timothy Wright”. It was during this time that he negotiated a contract with Pastor Dave Johnson and the Zion Lutheran Church. This agreement served to make more citizens aware of the church and its outreach ministries. Dr. Herman H. Hubbard of Redlands, California installed Pastor James as the pastor of Faith Pentecostal Church on January 25, 1996.


Thinking reverentially of the moment, Pastor James remembers that day as a treasured day etched in his memories forever. He accepted the responsibility as pastor of such a great group of people with much humility.


Pastor James values the time he served in the ministry under Mother Clara E. Parker and District Elder Charles L. Parker at Rehoboth Church of Jesus Christ. Under the auspices of Bishop Lawernce Brisben, Bishop Willard Saunders, and Bishop James Tyson and Bishop Harry Herman.


He gleaned immeasurably from the years of experience from these fine men and women of God.  Pastor James's vision has been to stress additional investment in the youth of the church, as well as in Out Reach Ministries.


During the summer of 1999 Pastor James launched an extensive evangelistic thrust in the City of Richfield called, "Getting Involved".  


Working with Inter-Faith Action, letters were mailed throughout the city. Homes were visited on Saturday mornings during the campaign and Pastor James and his wife Co-Pastor Bruna C. James and his children and congregational members visited area families to extend personal invitations to services held at Faith Pentecostal Church.


Pastor James was born in Flint, Michigan.  The third child of six to the union of John and Eloise James-Glover.  Elder James attended the Flint Public School System.  After dropping out of High School in the eleventh grade Elder James, through the mentorship of Dr. Melvin Purvis, went to the University of Minnesota to complete the General Education Department degree program. He attended Southwest State College, Marshall, Minnesota.hall, Minnesota.

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