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Dear Friends:
       Keanu Daley, a student at the University of St. Thomas and an active participant at both Andrew Riverside and Faith Pentecostal has brought an idea to our leadership teams.  Keanu grew up in Jamaica and was positively influenced by a church program that brought people together in support of youth and young adults. He has a dream for a common program for our two churches and would like to have a conversation with anyone who is interested.


Debate: God in the Modern World

Wednesday, February 25 at 15:00

Angelo & Lainue

Easter Prayers

Sunday, February 29 at 19:00

Arts and Crafts Night

Wednesday, March 16 at 15:00

Coming Soon

Cooking Course

The Dove of Mercy

Helping the Elderly

Tuesday, March 29 at 19:00

channa darell ball.jpg

Marriage Preparation Course

Saturday, April 2 at 19:00

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