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With an extended hand and a joyful spirit we welcome you to come be a part of our loving church family. We are delighted to share with you the marvelous ways in which God's hand is at work in our church. Growing together, we worship, we serve, we laugh, we cry, we learn, and we reach our world with life-transforming truth. Remember our doors are open to meet your needs.

Faith Pentecostal Church's vision is simple: To seek and to save the lost. Our Outreach ministry is dedicated to bringing Jesus to our family, friends, neighborhoods, and cities.

Our values are:

1. Faith in God's Son, Jesus Christ

2. Passion for the Gospel

3. Respect for all people

4. Kindness

5. Honesty

6. Spiritual Growth in the Holy Spirit

7. Community Kindness & Love

Bishop Claude E. James

Pastor  Bruna F. James

Building On Love, Sharing, and Caring

Welcome to our Affiliate Churches
  .  Andrew Riverside Presbyterian

Timothy Wright


Morning Fellowship and Sunday Worship and Service to follow at 12pm

  • Toys For Tots Call 651 343-9359 Angel to sign up and registar for toys


We welcome you home to the body of Christ. The Church the pillar and ground  of Truth. We welcome you with open arms as the prodigal son's father welcomed him back home. I am going to be bold and say here that we welcome all Faiths, and all people. His house is a house of PRAYER for ALL.  Welcome to Faith Pentecostal Church


Faith Pentecostal Church seeks to be a place of grace. It’ welcomes home its prodigal children. It’s a safe house for the spiritually battered. A city of refuge for the condemned. A sheltered harbor. A rehabilitation facility for the despairing. A place where past errors are laid to rest, where hope is born and where new life begins.


Our youth Ministries is growing. Seeking youth to help it blossom for Christ.


We have a small parking lot but there is on street parking you may have to walk a block to get here but it is worth the walk

Toys for Tots inquiries: please email us at or call 651 343-9359

Your Donation's Are A God's Blessing to Feed His Sheep

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